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Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, And The Mind Of The Killer Spouse By Dr. Robi Ludwig

A great number of killers among spouse murder cases in the world have been done by husbands. It has been puzzling us how a perfectly good-hearted person could kill someone they vowed to love. The book of Dr. Robi Ludwig, a known psychotherapist, entitledTill Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and the Mind of the Killer Spouse along with journalist Matt Birkbecktalks about great deal about spouses who murdered their partners and the suspects’ psychological reasons of why they may have done such things.

In her book, she tackled about various murder cases that stunned America, like Scott Peterson and Rabbi Fred Neulander, and revealed their tv personality  types that help in understanding the killer’s motivation behind the murders.

The Murderers

Scott Peterson has been known to be the man who murdered his wife, Laci, in 2002 who at that time has been pregnant with her eight-month baby. Laci disappeared on December 2002 and her body was found on April 2003. Peterson was then convicted murderer on November 12, 2004 after the jury found out that he has been having an affair with Amber Frey which was the motivation on killing his pregnant wife. Peterson was convicted with a first-degree murder for the death of his wife and a second-degree murder for the death of the fetus that’s inside Laci’s womb.

The jury then recommended persecuting  Peterson by lethal injection. While Fred Neulander, a rabbi from New Jersey was convicted with capital murder, felony murder and murder conspiracy after hiring two men, Len Jenoff and Paul Daniels, to beat his wife, Carol, to death in order to carry on his affair with another woman he met in his ministry.


Dr. Ludwig showed brilliant insights through these stories after examining the concept of peaceful versus violent resolution as well as discussion as to why certain spouses think that the best response for their dilemma should be murder. This book spoke well on how the criminals have thought of committing this offense, what might have triggered it and how can one avoid it.




Custom lanyards


Anything customized is something special. It resembles an extraordinary choice of an individual. It can either reflect on their personality or their attitude. Lanyards now can be really useful to attach your identification card and it originated from France in the late 15th century. The first style used to be a cord and rope technically worn on the neck. It all started with simple designs. The fact that anyone can have their own personalized lanyard is way too cool, the technological advancements has brought many changes that helped the society move forward and succeed economically and stability speaking. Though it is not easy to go through this advancements but the best thing about this is you get to learn new things and try using other stuffs.

Lanyards are mostly used by students at schools and also office workers and anyone who works, this is where they attach their I.D and show the proof of their name, age and other necessary information. These can be very useful for people who are used to using badge holders or badge reels that tend to lose their ID when moving quickly or if it’s not hanged appropriately. Wearing it by your neck will prevent you from losing it, for the forgetful ones this may apply.

The site www.customlanyards4all.com can provide you a wide variety of options to look at to have your lanyards designed personally by you or what you desire to have. This can be used as a gift as a personal thing or just mainly for work. Totally useful and durable just depending on how you use it. They sell cheap but high quality ID laces that you will love for sure. If you order a great quantity of these then you can buy it cheap less than a dollar each. They have other promotional products too where you can choose on.


Pet Grooming: The Available Services

When it comes to ensuring that the adopted pets will look their best, pet groomers are available for the services. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, as long as they are living creatures with distinguishable personalities like humans and they all look unique, they can be styled so that the plain look can be adorned. It’s like adding paint to the canvas while cleaning off the rough edges. When the merging of adjustments are correct and refined, the result is the new appearance that will be definite attract eyes of both humans and pets alike. More importantly, it’s a life lesson that mobile pet grooming virginia beach va should keep in mind to ensure that the bond will stay strong.

People who work as pet groomers are usual experts on how to spruce up the typical look of a four-legged creature. Utilizing the wide array of tools at their disposal, they can perform the transformation until the revamped look is presented to the owner’s delight.

Tricks of the Trade

Per groomers are usually inquired for these services, which may include any of the following:

Bathing – soaps and shampoos for cats and dogs are different from the concoctions used by humans. These pet groomers use these kinds of products to make the pets smell good while endowing additional benefits to the skin based on the ingredients included in these substances. Plus, they can show the correct way of working out the lather on different parts without hurting the animal.

Trimming – cutting down the fur can be accomplished with a normal scissors or razor, but one wrong move and the pet will scream. Pet groomers know what to do to ensure that the snipping is done and still letting the pets enjoy the treatment.

Nail Adjusting –flawlessly trimmed nails are a plus point for pets. That’s why there’s the manicure / pedicure procedure.

Accessorizing and Dressing Up – from collars to hair bands and even outfits tailor-made for the pets, there’s the wide selection available.

As long as pet groomers are around, there will always be pet makeovers, and the owners will sure love them.

Home Based Business Ideas for Busy Moms

If you’re a busy mother and you want to make your time profitable while taking care of your kids, you can do this conveniently right at your home. One of the most important parts before you begin a new business is to get very clear about what you really want to do and comprehend what products and services to make for them. Nonetheless, this regularly includes asking them numerous concerns over ‘getting themselves before you prepare to launch your first business. If you’re looking for home based business ideas for busy mothers, see the following:

Sell a Product on the Internet

Begin selling your own. When you get a few compliments, you will understand that you could transform your thought into a business convenient to do from home. To do this, make your own online store and display every last bit of your items through your site. In the event that you aren’t making your own product, try to discover items to dropship, so you won’t need to store any stock at home.


Quite a few people are occupied with the thought of blogging as today’s good business. You truly can profit from blogging, but remember that this is a hard work. It obliges such a variety of diverse sets of aptitude and a ton of innovativeness and mental vitality. Additionally, it is slightly the contrary to get rich fast, however you can bring-home-the-bacon doing it.

Clean Out Foreclosed Homes

With a huge number of foreclosed homes as there seem to be, those who claim the properties (e.g. bankers) would prefer not to clean them, thus, they just want to pay for the individuals who want to do the work. So it can be very simple to begin a business for Foreclosure cleanup and earn extra money really well simultaneously. In the event that you are intrigued this is one of the decent home based business ideas that you can take in.

Ghost Hunting In The Modern City

I am a modern person that grew up in the city although I would always believe that there are invisible beings or should I say spirits that moved around and share world with them. I think and most of the practitioners would say that my third eye is open as I can feel their presence sometimes, although they do no harm to us, they are just living like us, coexisting in the world but probably on a different plane.



I have several experiences of their presence in this big and busy city of ours. One time when I was on the diner having my quick breakfast of coffee and toast, I always see this guy on the far corner, although I could not get a glimpse of his face as he was reading the paper mostly, also having his coffee. There was one morning that I finally get a glimpse of the guy and I waved at him and he nods back. And the staff asked me after I got my order that who I did waved at and told him that it was the guy on the far end on the last table. He told me that the table was never occupied for years as it was the favorite corner of the late founder of this diner, the great grandfather of the current owner.

And I told the staff that I always see him reading the news paper every time I came here. And then the owner approached me and showed me a photo and indeed it was the man that I always see, and I was not terrified or something, I even felt honored that I have met the founder of this diner. My mind was opened to these stuff when I was able to read an interesting article about ghost hunting and was planning to ghost hunt myself one of these days, but it seemed the ghost hunted for me.



Coasters For Our Wedding Souvenir

Yes, we are finally tying the knot and we already have set the date. We have waited for the perfect timing and we have personally prepared everything as we want it to be our labor of love. We just invited a few very close friends and family to witness our union and wanted it to be very solemn.

Then a simple five course meal follows and a lot of wining after which. We personally picked our menu for the night as we want to serve what we loved to dine together and the select few of our guests would highly agree to that, we are sure of. The wine selections also to go with our food are meticulously picked by yours truly and my fiancée then, now my wife said it is just perfect. And the wedding souvenir that we chose to give are coaster stone as those who know about our love story would say that it was meaningful. As we got to know each other first in the bar, and although it was not the typical meet up thing, it was quite odd actually.

We were both single that time, I just recently broke up with my relationship and was with my friends having some beer to enjoy the night, while she was there on the same pub celebrating her graduation with her friends and buddies. We literally bumped into each other on our way to the toilet as she had too much to drink and accidentally puked on my shirt as she was not walking on a straight line anymore. So I waited for her just outside the ladies toilet after I was done with my thing, then accompanied her to their table and told her friends to please watch over her as she seemed to already have too much to drink and I got her a cup of coffee, and the rest was history.

Anti-aging Treatment: The Target Wrinkles Website

To ensure that one will get that younger look even with the passing age brought upon by time, it’s really crucial to look for ways to reverse the effects on skin aging. Most people nowadays care about their appearance, and if they see that that the lines on the face begin to appear and there are dark spots showing up together with the saggy sensation, then it’s not good when one is still too young for these things. Plus, if there are people who can label that façade as the butt of countless jokes, then it’s just much worse.

There’s no doubt that one is plagued with various problems and the stress brought upon these enigmas can speed up the aging process. Plus, being exposed to the environmental hazards is also detrimental for the skin.

The Go-to Place for Advice

Whether it’s about looking for ways to how to prevent wrinkles naturally, finding out how to prevent wrinkles and even reviews about the popular products that are designed for the purpose of turning back the internal clock, there’s the Target Wrinkles website. The website is not that new, as it was created around a year ago, but it’s still insightful especially with the chockfull of articles that are worth reading for the necessary information.

This website does help to ensure that confused readers will get the clarified info that they deserve. There are many concerns that may pop out of their heads, like whether there’s the easier way to get that youthful-looking skin or even the safer method without the need to fork out too much cash for the risky methods that are harmful for the patient’s health. These posts can aid in answering these concerns and even to ensure that they won’t need to worry too much, for even with the simplest methods, the goal to retain that beautiful appearance is within reach.